Auto Painting Tips – Auto Paint Protection and Care

I remember when I first bought my new car, I was astonished at the look of a new paint job and I knew that from then on I would keep the paint looking great. Well, 3 years later I am looking at a car that has massive overspray and dirt all over. For a car enthusiast, it is at the utmost importance to keep your paint maintained and protected. Here are a few tips on how you can protect and maintain your vehicles paint job:

The Obvious: Wash Your Vehicle!

The most obvious tip in this article is going to be washing your vehicle. I know that it probably shouldn’t be mentioned but even I get lazy every now and then and fail to get out there and wash my car. I would refrain from using car washes as they can accidentally scratch your car tint. Most of the time, you will need to wash your car before doing anything else to it such as waxing or using compound and/or clay.

Keeping Your Vehicle Safe:

If you can keep your vehicle in the garage when you are at home, by all means drive her in there! You can save your paint job from random debris and overspray that the neighbors didn’t tell you about. I have had this happen a few times. Also, try to keep your vehicle out of the sun as much as possible. After all, you wouldn’t deliberately sit in the sun all day knowing it would be painful, would you?

Keeping your Paint Waxed:

A lot of people don’t realize that your paint is just like the skin on your body. When it’s hot outside the pores in the paint open up causing dirt and debris to fill in, easily damaging the paint on your vehicle. By Waxing your vehicle, you can ensure that the dirt and debris will not get in the pores of the paint when they are opened up by heat. If you are going to wax your vehicles paint, make sure you wash your vehicle first so that you can remove all the dirt and debris. Waxing your vehicle will also prolong the clear coat life and keep you semi protected from minor scratches.

Applying a Good Sealer:

Car Sealant became popular around the late 1980’s and since then people have been using what is known as “clear coat” to coat over their vehicles paint for added protection. I guess you could consider it the skin on the apple. After a while of wear and tear, your paint will begin to lose its sealer or clear coat and you will have to add more. Now, you can go to a paint shop and paint boat loads of money to do this or you can do it yourself (it’s not very hard). You want to make sure you always have a good paint sealant so that if you get overspray or a scratch on the paint, it won’t hurt the paint.

In conclusion, you can always keep your vehicles paint protected. It’s always better to be overprotective of your paint if you want to keep it in show room floor quality.


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