Buying Bulk Gemstones With the Collector in Mind

Rock shops and retail stores selling gemstones are quite familiar with people who take gemstone collecting very seriously. While these hobbyists are nothing new, they are now able to find just about any specimen they want online, so it can be difficult for a retail rock store to compete. One thing I’ve found to be helpful in maintaining rock collectors as loyal customers is having knowledge of what they need. Instead of just buying bulk gemstones and hoping for the best, I am now learning as much as I can about gemstone collecting so I can provide more value to my customers.

Purchasing wholesale gemstones in bulk is always a risk, especially when that inventory is not always in high demand by collectors. Ever since I started to become a connoisseur of Opal gemstones and an expert on collecting, my customers have been more responsive to making major purchases.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Did you know that out of all the rocks and minerals in the world, only 50% of them fall into the category of “gemstone”? They are categorized based on their rarity, durability and special chemical compositions.

Precious stones, such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds, are extremely rare, much harder and usually found in smaller sizes.

Semi-precious stones, such as opal, jade, amethyst and aquamarine, are used extensively in jewelry, and are much more affordable than precious stones.

In assessing a gemstone’s value, collectors look at things like color, cut, clarity, weight and size.

Most collectors keep careful track of where and when they found or purchased each gemstone, what it is called, and a few details of its assessment.

Finding out which stones are most interesting to buyers will make it easier to buy wholesale bulk gemstones that will sell quickly in your store.

So Then?

Knowing what the customers need and being able to cater to those needs is the key to maintaining loyal customers to your business. This is true even if your business is selling gemstones.

While others are buying bulk gemstones, which is considered risky, you should learn more about gemstones not only to minimize your inventory but most of all get more customers and create loyal ones among them. This way you not only grow your business but ensure that it stays there for keeps.

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