Cheering from Home: British Forces Post Office Care Package Ideas


“Cheering from Home” is a spirited initiative aimed at creating thoughtful and uplifting Care packages for the British Forces through the British Forces Post Office (BFPO). These carefully crafted packages are designed to bring joy, comfort, and a touch of home to our dedicated servicemen and servicewomen stationed abroad. Here’s a guide filled with creative care package ideas to spread cheer from home to our brave troops.

British Treats Sampler

Curate a sampler of iconic British treats, including chocolates, biscuits, and traditional sweets. This delightful assortment brings the familiar flavors of home to the troops, creating a nostalgic and comforting experience.

Personalized Letters and Messages

Encourage friends, family, and well-wishers to write personalized letters and messages of encouragement. These heartfelt notes provide a direct connection and a boost of morale, reminding our troops that they are cherished and supported.

Entertainment Extravaganza

Create an entertainment package with a mix of books, magazines, and movies. Include a variety of genres to cater to different preferences, ensuring that there’s something for everyone during moments of downtime.

Cozy Comforts Kit

Assemble a cozy comforts kit with items like soft blankets, warm socks, and soothing scented candles. These cozy essentials bring a sense of warmth and relaxation to the barracks, creating a homely atmosphere.

Community Art Collaborations

Engage local communities, schools, and organizations in collaborative art projects. Have individuals create uplifting artwork, banners, or drawings expressing gratitude and support, and include these heartfelt creations in the care packages.

Tech and Connectivity Boost

Include tech essentials like portable chargers, durable headphones, or small gadgets that enhance connectivity. These items facilitate communication with loved ones and provide a touch of modern convenience.

Celebration in a Box

Craft celebration-themed packages for special occasions. Include festive decorations, small gifts, and treats to commemorate holidays, birthdays, or significant milestones, bringing the joy of celebrations to the military base.

Wellness and Self-Care Package

Curate a wellness package with items like stress-relief tools, scented bath products, and motivational books. Prioritizing self-care contributes to the mental well-being of our troops, fostering resilience and positivity.

Seasonal Surprises

Tailor care packages according to the seasons. Include seasonal items such as cozy scarves for winter, sunglasses for summer, or themed decorations, aligning the packages with the changing seasons back home.


“Cheering from Home” care packages sent through the British Forces Post Office are powerful gestures of support and connection. By including British treats, personalized messages, entertainment, cozy comforts, community art collaborations, tech essentials, celebration-themed items, wellness products, and seasonal surprises, these packages become beacons of cheer and love from home. Through this initiative, we hope to bring smiles to the faces of our servicemen and servicewomen, letting them know that, no matter the distance, they are cherished, and their sacrifices are appreciated.

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