D2R: How to Choose the Right Armor for Your Build

Selecting the right armor is crucial for optimizing your character’s effectiveness in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Different builds require different types of protection. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right armor for your specific build:

1. Consider Your Character Class and Build

Each character class in Diablo 2 Runewords has unique strengths and abilities. Consider the primary skills and playstyle of your character when choosing armor.

  • Sorceress: Prioritize armor that enhances mana regeneration, boosts elemental damage, and provides increased casting speed.
  • Barbarian: Look for armor that provides high defense and bonuses to strength and vitality for melee-oriented builds.
  • Amazon: Focus on armor that complements your chosen weapon type (e.g., bows or spears) and enhances your preferred attack skills.
  • Necromancer: Consider armor that boosts your chosen skill tree, such as Bone Armor for a summoner build or Trang-Oul’s Avatar for a poison necromancer.
  • Paladin: Prioritize armor that complements your chosen aura or combat skills. For example, consider armor with bonuses to defense and resistances for a defensive Paladin.
  • Assassin: Look for armor that enhances your chosen skill tree, such as traps, martial arts, or shadow disciplines.
  • Druid: Focus on armor that complements your chosen form (e.g., Werewolf, Werebear, or Elemental) and enhances your preferred skills.

2. Consider Your Playstyle

Different playstyles require different types of armor. Determine if you prefer to engage enemies from a distance, get up close and personal, or utilize a combination of both.

  • Melee Characters: Prioritize armor with high defense, resistances, and bonuses to attributes like strength and vitality.
  • Ranged Characters: Look for armor that enhances your ranged attacks, provides bonuses to dexterity, and offers elemental resistances.
  • Caster Characters: Focus on armor that boosts your mana pool, mana regeneration, and provides bonuses to the specific type of magic you use.

3. Balance Between Defense and Offense

Consider the balance between offensive and defensive attributes. While high defense and resistances are important for survivability, don’t neglect bonuses to damage or attack speed that can enhance your offensive capabilities.

4. Socketed Items for Customization

Consider socketed armor that allows you to insert gems, runes, and jewels to further customize your character’s attributes and abilities.

5. Upgradeable Items

Look for armor that can be upgraded using the Horadric Cube. Upgrading can significantly improve the base stats of your armor.

6. Consider Set Bonuses

If you’re collecting set items, consider the full set bonuses when choosing your armor. Some sets provide unique bonuses when wearing multiple pieces together.

7. Trading and Acquisition

Keep in mind that trading with other players or hunting specific monsters or bosses known for dropping unique items can be a great way to acquire powerful armor.

Choosing the right armor for your build in Diablo 2 Resurrected can greatly enhance your character’s effectiveness in battle. Consider the specific strengths and playstyle of your character when making your decision. Happy adventuring!

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