Golf Greens to Community Outreach: Splash Tents – A Leader in Tradeshow Tents and Canopies

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Splash Tents, Inc. a Dallas-based company, isn’t just about tents – it’s about transforming your brand’s presence at any event. Our extensive selection of promotional materials goes beyond basic tent coverings. We offer a comprehensive toolkit to create a cohesive and impactful brand experience for attendees. We have been serving 3,000+ clients nationwide for 15+ years and counting. 

Imagine a luxurious 10×10 pop up tent at a sprawling golf tournament, displayed with your company logo and vibrant colors. This Splash Tent becomes your brand’s central hub, offering a comfortable space for attendees to network and experience product demonstrations firsthand. Eye-catching flag banners strategically placed around the perimeter ensure you don’t get lost in the sea of competitors, drawing attention to your brand, and enticing potential customers to discover what you have to offer. These tents transcend mere shelter, evolving into dynamic spaces designed to cultivate brand engagement and ignite lasting impressions. Below is an image of two of our long-term clients at a golf tournament: RT Ellis Pipeline a Texas-based general contractor specializing in construction services for the oil and gas industry and our client Odyssey Information Services-a Texas based company specializing in IT consulting services for businesses across the country.  A very common trade show or event set-up is a 10×10 logoed tent with a 6ft fitted table cover. This gets you the best visibility and allows you to be in and out of the trade show space in no time. 

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Beyond the Green….

The versatility of Splash Tents’ products extends far beyond the green. Wine and beer tastings can be elevated to a sophisticated level with custom tablecloths and flag banners that establish a consistent and elegant brand image. Mobile trade show displays become interactive hubs where engaging presentations and demonstrations further enhance your presence, maximizing customer engagement and brand exposure. B-52 Brewing (one of our clients) selected for best beer and set-up at a beer fest. 

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Auto shows thrive on visual impact, and Splash Tents understands this need perfectly. Our large Premium branded 10×20 EZ canopy tents provide comfortable and spacious areas to showcase vehicles, allowing attendees to explore them at their leisure. Strategically placed retractor stands, and vibrant flag banners complement the display, highlighting key features, technical specifications, and unique selling points of your automobiles. This visual symphony reinforces brand recognition and leaves a lasting impression on potential buyers. Below are a couple images from our clients Rocky Ridge Trucks (Franklin Springs, Georgia), Pickard USA (Garland, TX) and Power Portal Products (Morgantown, WV) displaying their vehicles and products under our behemoth 10×20 EZ pop up tents. 

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Splash Tents, Inc. caters to the unique needs of various industries.  For instance, at gun shows, personalized tablecloths and flag banners create a sense of authenticity and expertise that resonates with the target audience. Branded tents provide a central location for product demonstrations and consultations, allowing for in-depth discussions and personalized interactions with potential customers. Mobile displays effectively communicate the brand’s value proposition, showcasing the features and benefits of your products in an engaging and informative way.

Healthcare organizations also benefit from Splash Tents’ solutions. Event tents become essential tools for hosting outdoor medical screenings, vaccination drives, and community outreach programs. These temporary structures not only offer shelter from the elements but also enhance the visibility and accessibility of healthcare services. Hospitals like Baylor Scott & White Health (Dallas, TX) and Altus Emergency Rooms (Houston, TX) leverage Splash Tents to reach new audiences and build stronger community connections.

The pet industry is another area where Splash Tents shines. JM Pet resort (Boston, Massachusetts), Society Pet Sitter (Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex) and 1800PetMeds (an online pet pharmacy) use our EZ quick set up pop-up tents to create welcoming spaces for pet owners and enthusiasts to connect at pet grooming demonstrations, adoption drives, and pet expos. These tents become hubs for fostering a sense of community, allowing pet lovers to learn about new products and services, interact with industry professionals, and discover valuable resources – all within a comfortable and inviting space.

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Splash Tents’ reach extends beyond single events. Our products excel in experiential marketing and sponsorships. Branded tents can be transformed into immersive brand environments, transporting attendees to a world entirely focused on your company. Retractor stands and mobile displays become versatile tools for storytelling. They captivate audiences with compelling narratives, educate consumers about your brand’s values and offerings, and create a lasting emotional connection that goes beyond a simple sales pitch.

In conclusion, Splash Tents offers a powerful collection of promotional materials designed to elevate your brand visibility, engagement, and memorability across a diverse range of events, from high-octane auto shows to community-focused initiatives.  Whether you are aiming to make a splash at a golf tournament or create a welcoming space for pet lovers at an expo, Splash Tents empowers brands to forge lasting connections with their target audience and achieve their marketing goals with impactful and engaging experiences.

Contact Splash Tents, Inc. today for a quote or your own customized mock-up and sit back and leave the rest to us. 

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