Listening to Build Business Relationships

People don’t listen. They hear but they aren’t really listening o what you have to say. A good cue is to watch their eyes. Are they looking at you? Are they looking at your face, at your eyes?

If you listen to someone and do your best to understand who they are, and what they have to say, they will eventually give you all that information. Some of what they say may be irrelevant, incorrect, or what you think is misguided. No matter. Some of it may give you the key to what motivates and inspires them to take action.

When you are seeking new customers or clients or want to establish better virtual roundtables relationships with the people you have, you need to become a good listener.

For instance, let’s say you are listening to someone who shares their dream of wanting to start a business in their home. Most entrepreneurs would launch into telling the person all about their great opportunity or their coaching skills, or their technical skills they can use to get started.

A better response is to ask that person “What is it about working from home that attracted you?” Now you can listen to the answer and discover more about this person. Maybe what you have to offer is the opposite direction of what this person seeks. Maybe what you have to offer is right on target.

The fact is when you are listening it takes the pressure off of you to try and influence someone to take your class or purchase your product. A good customer is not someone you have to convince to purchase your product. They will buy it once and you will never see them again.

A good customer is someone you can help achieve their dream, solve their problem, or connect them with resources so that they can achieve their goals. These are customers forever.

In any case, keep asking questions and listen. Listening and talking isn’t selling and people are too sophisticated today to jump at your coaching program or sales letter product. It is better to ask and talk then to sell. Find out their dreams, their goals, where is their pain.

If you’re the one doing most of the talking you’ll never find out how you can help them because you won’t know where it hurts.

No matter how successful you become you end up building your business one person at a time, even if they’re in groups. To do that you must make a personal connection with people, a connection that’s powerful enough to overcome natural resistance to change, to try new business or life approaches, and to get out of their comfort zone.

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