Medical Assistant Careers in Medical Billing and Filing

When considering the possibility of entering the health care field, there are many career areas that require all the training of a medical assistant, but end up being a supporting career that may or may not come in direct contact with patients. These fields are just as demanding, they pay just as well, and there is just as much increase in demand for workers.

Two areas that online medical assistant programs specialize in are medical billing and medical filing. These are extremely important supporting positions for the increasing complex world of health care coverage. Medical billing involves matching treatment codes with insurance codes, and being able to identify the procedures that were provided to the patients. Benzo Withdrawal Medical filing involves specialized knowledge of the terminology used in health care along with administrative skills and business knowledge.

Medical billing assistants work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, in government agencies, and other health care facilities. Their training includes anatomy and physiology, health information, health data standards, coding. Besides the specific training in the health care field, they also receive training in accounting and statistical analysis.

Job duties for the medical billing assistants including coding for doctors and health offices for reimbursement claims. Their jobs also include the preparation of analysis reports for administrative offices. These reports can be used in projecting health payments, increasing staffing, and in office efficiency analysis.

Work in this field requires certification. One must be certified through the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). One must also become familiar with the privacy requirements of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

There is a growing demand for billing to be processed accurately and speedily as the interaction between health care providers and payment agencies continues to grow and evolve. Actions involve the actual processing of the paperwork to initiate the billing process as well as the complex filing of all necessary papers to complete the billing and receive the payment.

Specialization within the medical billing and filing fields are taking place, just as they are with the health care providers, themselves. As terminology becomes more precise, the training of the individuals using those terms must also increase in precision.


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