Protection And Prevention For Central Heating Systems

One of the major problems with boiler systems always appears to be the potential of a breakdown and the heartache that it causes when it happens. Breakdowns appear to happen just when you need it least either when you return from holiday or the central heating is started after the summer shut down or its the coldest day of the year.

Prevention is obviously the best system and great strides have been made in prolonging life and removing some of the more familiar problems. Pumps are now more robust and capable of dealing with the ups and downs of the system also the latest boilers give the pump a daily kick just to keep it mobile.

There is usually a frost thermostat on the boiler Geen warm water, which comes in at just above 4 degrees to protect the boiler, and all radiator thermostats have a frost level below which you cannot set them. Much greater care can be taken in fitting the condensate pipe to the outside so that it always drains out and there is a downward slope, which will never allow the pipe to freeze.

The last winter provided a continual string of household disasters during the Christmas period when these pipes froze and the boiler system shut down until the problem was removed. In some cases these pipes may need insulating to provide a belt and braces cure.

The heat exchangers are far better made and a good manufacturer will give at least a 6 year guarantee on the heat exchanger. The best ones are now made with stainless steel to give a long life protection. In the case of a problem with the controls modern systems basically have a fault finding system, which flashes up where the problem is, and can be used to pinpoint where the problem is and what needs changing.

Annual servicing seems to be essential but the quality of some servicing providers has been questioned and could have been better. These same servicing providers often add a call out repair service but these are quite expensive and some certainly push the boundaries of the advertising that goes with the service.

A 24 hour service often appears to mean that the provider appears after 23 hours to fulfil his obligation, and then returns a day or so later with the part. Take time and get a good one. Finally it may be useful to consider getting the system flushed once in awhile to remove any rubbish from the system.


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