Settle Your Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Yourself

Handling a motor vehicle accident settlement yourself is a simple and straightforward process. Most claims require no specialized expertise, even the injury causing motor vehicle accidents can be settled without the victim incurring the expense of hiring a lawyer. I should emphasize the point that when I mention settle your claim without paying an attorney I’m talking about a good and satisfactory settlement. Not one that favors the insurance company!

I should point out here that I am not an attorney or a claims adjuster. All of my knowledge with regards to motor vehicle accident settlements I acquired as the result of being the victim of an injury causing motor vehicle accident.

I was injured when a tractor trailer ran into stopped traffic. The BIG RIG was doing in excess of 40 MPH when it plowed into 4 vehicles that were stopped at a red light. 3 of the stopped vehicles were totaled. I was in one of the totaled vehicles. I went through the whole process of gathering information, presenting it to the at fault party’s insurance company, and negotiating a successful settlement for my self without an attorney.

What I learned from this experience las vegas dmv added to my prior knowledge and affirmed the position I hold that based on my own experience most of my transactions with lawyers were not satisfactory to me. This is only my opinion but it is in fact my opinion.

Many folks are under the impression that because a person is a LAWYER and has obtained the education and passed the exams that the clients who pay the fees are assured the highest degree of service and performance.

I say that is not the case. In spite of all the jokes, LAWYERS are human just like the rest of us. If an attorney is part of a firm he/she have to answer to their boss and have to earn profit for the firm. If the LAWYER is on their own then they have even more responsibility to keep their own business in the black. We should ask ourselves where does our problem fit into the big picture of what’s going on with our attorney.

Once you sign an agreement with an attorney your in for the duration!

Also remember that a typical attorney fee for a motor vehicle accident if 30% – 40 %! After all they have to pay for all that advertising!

I found that after interviewing three attorneys form 3 different firms all claiming to be experts in motor vehicle accident settlements and getting information off the internet I was ready willing and able to settle my own claim.

One of the attorneys I interviewed tried to sell me on the idea that it was very expensive for his firm to obtain all the documentation to reach a fair settlement for me. What I found out was it was all available to me for the asking!

Your probably think to yourself “OK Mr. Big shot how well did you do?”

I’ll tell you this. I have a friend who was in the same type accident and had the same type injury. He took the advise of a doctor and had back surgery TWICE do to complications from the first surgery. He also took the advise of an attorney and signed a contract for representation. When it was all done and he paid all the fees he ended up with a mere $16000 more than me and I didn’t have any surgery!! Sixteen Thousand Dollars in settlement money is nothing!!

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