Trends and Handbags

Handbags have become very essential for women when it comes to image. “Trend Setting” is the term that comes to mind when I think of handbags. It’s became so common to see so many different styles of handbags from high end to the knock offs, you almost can’t tell a difference. Choosing the perfect handbag that suits your needs, style, taste, etc are very important factors when considering the “right” handbag.

How do you know what new trend is out to follow? To me, I say “set your own trend,” but it’s okay to follow trends if you see a style you like or prefer. There are so many out there! A lot of women normally change out there handbag on a daily basis. Ladies set there trend with an African luxury bag to there lifestyle. During the Summer/Spring time you’ll notice bright and vibrant colors and during Fall/Winter there are more dark/bolder colors. If you notice in magazines, retail stores, etc is always show casing or preparing for the new trends soon to come. Some people prefer the larger handbags when you’re having to tote more items or as some people say “my life” in a handbag; others prefer smaller and convenient handbags. Trends are changing and is always about “new” and eye catching.

There are so many different styles of handbags out there. You’d be surprise on how you can purchase a “replica” high end handbag for a cheaper price. I’ve worked in a high end handbag retail store before, I’ve heard it all from customers pretty much. Some people justify it looks just as good, but at a cheaper price than the originals. Some knock offs you really can’t tell a difference. Would people prefer quality or quantity though? Of course when you pay more for a trendy high end bag, you’ll notice the details and material of the handbags last longer then a knock off. Pay attention to details on the handbag, the stitching, color, material. A good way to tell the difference of what is real and fake is by looking at the tag of where it was made, or style number, etc. Designers normally have a descriptor or tag sewn in the bag. For example, Coach handbags are referenced by a style number located on the leather tag sewn inside the handbag designed from China. If you come across one that states made elsewhere such as Taiwan, you know it’s a knock off.

Choosing a handbag is relatively to what your preference is, but you want to pick a handbag that suits your needs as well as showing off your style. Determining the size of the handbag and what your normally carry on a daily basis in your handbag. Consider what you’ll use your handbag for, try it on and see how comfortable it is. You’ll want it to be comfortable to carry if you’re going to be toting it around all day. Handbags come in so many colors, so choosing a color sometimes can be difficult. You’re considering what outfits would it match, the season, and so on. A lot of women prefer classic colors like black or brown. It’s always fun to throw a trendy handbag in the mix that’s outside of the norm, but of course you’ll notice it goes out of style quick. There are always new trends on the horizon, so following what’s new and hip is a considerable factor. For example, having a flowery bright printed purse seems less trendy when the fun summer season has passed.


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